Week 4

Note: Numbers after menu items correspond to recipes in the BBG cookbook


LUNCH Quiche Loraine (106 ) with Ceasar salad (21)
Make coconut macaroons for dinnertime dessert (107)

DINNER Corned beef with cabbage and potatoes ** Start Early! (108) Cheesy onion focaccia bread (23)
Zippy Beets (109) Sliced tomatoes, sprinkled with salt and pepper


LUNCH Grandmas bean dip (110) serve with the Taco salad (111) and tortilla chips

DINNER Cheeseburgers, serve with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cheese if desired. Ambrosia Salad (12)
Sesame green Beans (87) serve w/chips if wanted

**Note – Noc shift, please make “Strawberry Pretzel Dessert ” during shift for Friday nights dessert**(112)


LUNCH Fruit smoothies and Toasted Ham Sandwiches (88)

**DINNER Chicken, lemon and herbs roasted with potatoes (113)
Peas with bacon and shallots (114) Spinach salad with pine nut dressing (115)
Serve Strawberry Pretzel salad for dessert (made by noc shift last night).

**Note – Noc shift, please make Macaroni and cheese casserole for tomorrows lunch: do not bake, leave in fridge (58)


LUNCH Macaroni and cheese – made by night shift last night, you need to bake. Serve with cheese toasts and fruit

DINNER Chicken and shrimp saute with Fettuccine (116) Cheddar biscuits (41)
Fresh corn salad (117) Pea salad (118)

**Note – Noc shift, please make Pecan sour cream coffee cake for Sundays breakfast (119)


LUNCH Turkey sandwiches. Either cold with lettuce and tomato or toasted in Panini press with cheese. (Per resident preference). Serve with chips and thin apple slices. Peel the apples for those that prefer.

**DINNER Tilapia or catfish or sole broiled with lemon and parmesan (120), Fried rice (121)
Garlic broccoli salad (122) Spinach salad with bacon, egg and mushrooms (123)

**Note – Noc shift, Blueberry Muffins for Mondays breakfast (124)


LUNCH ** 7am, start bread in breadmaker! Homemade soup, Serve with Homemade bread and butter

DINNER Ham with black eyed peas (125) bacon scones (126)
Lemon and Garlic Quinoa salad (127) Ceasar Salad (21)


LUNCH Chicken nuggets (cooking directions on package) serve with crinkle cut fries or tator tots and Fruit

DINNER Chicken Marsala (128), Serve with buttered egg noodles. Homemade Cheesy roll ring * Start early! (70)
Broccoli salad (60) Glazed carrots (32)