Week 7

Note: Numbers after menu items correspond to recipes in the BBG cookbook


LUNCH Egg Salad Sandwiches (169) Serve with chips and thin sliced apples
DINNER Chicken Fried Steak (170) Mashed potatoes (98) Garden Fresh green Beans (171)
Tomato Basil Salad (172)
**NOC shift, please make “Blueberry muffins” for tomorrows breakfast. AM shift will bake (124)


LUNCH Fruit Smoothies (use frozen fruits, milk, yogurt or ice cream, honey for sweetener)
Serve with Homemade cinnamon chips (173) and sliced cheese and crackers

DINNER Shrimp Scampi (150) serve with white rice (54) Glazed carrots (32)
Sweet peppers with basil (174)

**Note – Noc shift, please make “Frosted Banana Bars” during shift for Friday nights dessert** (175)


LUNCH Grilled Pizza sandwiches in Panini press (176)
**DINNER Slow cooker Pork (177) Peas with Bacon and Shallots (114)
Mixed greens with cherries and feta cheese balls (178) Golden Sweet Cornbread (179)
** Serve Frosted Banana Bars for dessert (made by noc shift last night).

**NOC shift, please make “Sausage Strata” during shift for Saturday mornings breakfast (180)


LUNCH Chorizo corn chowder (181) - Serve with cheese toasts (melt cheese onto toast) and fresh fruit.

DINNER Favorite Meatloaf (97) Yummy Potatoes (43) Buttery cooked carrots (182)
Spinach salad with apple vinaigrette (183) Cheddar Biscuits (41)


LUNCH “chefs choice” or make grilled cheese sandwiches with apple slices and chips on the side.

**DINNER Pork Adobo (184) , use “country style spare ribs pork meat” or Pork shoulder) White rice (54)
Minted green bean slaw (185) broccoli casserole (186)

****Noc Shift, please make “Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake” between 5 and 7 am for Mondays Breakfast (187)


LUNCH ** 7am, start bread in breadmaker! (30) Serve with home made soup (premade) for lunch

DINNER Coconut chicken and rice casserole (188) KFC style biscuits (144)
Lettuce, basil and cucumber salad with goat cheese (189) sunny fruit salad (190)


LUNCH Bratwurst Sandwiches (191) serve with chips and fruit

DINNER Tilapia or sole baked with lemon and Parmesan (120) Toasted rice pilaf with mint (192)
Corn Casserole (193) Broccoli Chop Salad (194)

**Note – Noc shift, please make “baked French toast with blueberry sauce” recipe between 5 and 7am. Am shift will bake (29)