Week 2

Note: The numbers after menu items correspond to recipes in the BBG cookbook


LUNCH Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (40) – Cheddar Biscuits (41)

**DINNER Ham Dinner (42) Yummy Potatoes (43) Country Green Beans (44) Cheese Bread Toast (45)
Ceasar Salad (21)


LUNCH Chicken salad with cranberries (46) serve on toast or crackers with fresh fruit garnish

DINNER ** (start early!) Slow cooker Spare Ribs (47) Twice Baked Potatoes (48)
Cranberry Spinach Salad (49) Maple Glazed Carrots (50)

**Note – Noc shift, please make “Apple Crisp” during shift for Friday nights dessert**(51)


LUNCH Caprese Panini Sandwich (52) with thin sliced veggie sticks and chips
**DINNER Caramel Chicken (53) White rice (54)
Roasted Brussels sprouts (55) Mexican fruit salsa with Cinnamon Chips (56)

**Note – Noc shift, make “Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake” recipe between 5 and 7am. Am shift will bake (57)


LUNCH Macaroni and Cheese (50) – cook a little longer till browned a bit and bubbly hot. Serve with toast and fruit

DINNER ** (start early, needs to marinate all day) Balsamic roasted pork loin (59)
Broccoli salad (60) Baked corn pudding (6)
Home made Cheesy garlic breadsticks (61) Grape salad (62)


LUNCH Asian chicken salad (63) Serve with thin sliced apples or peeled sliced orange sections on side

**DINNER Tilapia or sole broiled with lemon and Parmesan (64), Cheesy garlic orzo (65)
Sauteed Brussels sprouts (66) Waldorf salad (67)

****Noc Shift, please make “Breakfast sausage and potato casserole” for tomorrows breakfast (68)


LUNCH ** 7am, start bread in breadmaker! Homemade soup (30) Serve with Homemade bread

DINNER Slow cooker (start early!) Old fashioned beef pot roast (69) Cheesy roll ring (start early – rises 5 hrs) (70)
Blueberry Gelatin Salad (start in AM) (71) Au Gratin Potatoes (72) Sauteed asparagus (73)


LUNCH Shrimp 2 ways – (74) and fruit or sliced veggie sticks

DINNER Chicken breast alfredo (75), Corn Salsa with Cotija Cheese (76)
Cheddar biscuits (41) Romaine winter fruit salad (77)

**Note – Noc shift, please make “sausage breakfast casserole” recipe between 5 and 7am. Am shift will bake (78)