Testimonials and Recommendations

Finding Blueberry was a blessing for Ellen and family. Truly. The care could not have been better. The staff is special. They give love to each, just like they are their own family. It has been reassuring to know that when we are not present there was always consideration given to Mom. Tanya pays such attention to detail in the care of your residents. I noticed her special touch as well as Tonika's. I was responsible for staffing Mom's care before coming to Blueberry and I know that finding competent loving caregivers doesn't just happen. The time Ellen had with you was extremely busy for Paul and me. I couldn't have managed her care going forward. Knowing she was in such wonderful hands was a mental relief. I know Suzanne feels the same way. She has had quite a responsibility on her shoulders being the POA and having confidence each day was so very reassuring for her. There is really no way to thank you for your oversight but to give you references and send Blessings to you and the staff. Blueberry sincerely enriched the last part of Mom's life. For that we give gratitude. We can now go forward knowing we couldn't have done better for our mother than what was given her at Blueberry.

Sincerely, Coni and Paul



This is from Miriam age 101


I am pleased to be able to tell others about the personal loving care given to the residents of Blueberry Gardens.  Betty was only there for a relatively short stay but while she was there she received excellent care even when the staff had to put up with her many highs and lows and extreme medical needs.  The environment created at BBG is as close to an individual home environment as one could hope for.  I will always remember the great support given to our family during Betty's stay at Blueberry Gardens 2.  We knew she was a handful but we were very grateful for the tender loving care she received.  I would be happy to recommend Blueberry Gardens as a Senior Care Facility. ~ Bob Roed

The pictures of the Blueberry Gardens Senior Care House  are great but it doesn't tell the story of what is on the inside.  Jennifer and Pat bring a warmth and caring like I have never seen before.  The staff they have treat the residents like they are family.  Mom has been there for 2 years and was one of the first residents to move in.  From the day she moved in until present, she has been treated with respect and kindness and has been able to keep her dignity even with late stage dementia.  The attention to detail is everywhere, from the big open living area, to the flowers and birdfeeders outside on the patio, to the fresh food prepared daily.  The families of the other residents have become our second family and I have found comfort in talking to them in the challenges loved ones face when parents are in an adult home.  Mom's medical care is top notch and she has never had that "over medicated " look like so many other adult home residents have.  I would recommend Blueberry Gardens to anyone that wants to be able to sleep at night and know that their family member is well taken care of 24 hours a day.  ~ Karen Torkelson

Our family came to Blueberry Gardens in a crisis mode.   Our elderly parents were not receiving the care they needed or deserved at their previous home.   They had also seen dramatic changes in their health in the previous two years, which resulted in a decrease in their ability to live independently. At Blueberry Gardens our entire family feels we have found something special.   The facility itself is warm and inviting.   The Gastineau's family involvement in the care of our parents makes them feel they are at home and enriches their lives.   I was placed in the position to make important decisions regarding my parents care, Blueberry Gardens has ensured that my entire family is pleased with that decision. ~ Brian Allen

Our father’s stay at Blueberry Gardens was the least stressful time of his illness and final passing. He needed a lot of care, yet he was always clean, comfortable, and able to retain his dignity.  His care was always given with love and respect.  Mom was received and treated like family during her visits, as were we all.  It was always pleasant to visit Dad there, no matter how weak he became.  During his last hospital stay, he stated he wanted to go back to Blueberry, instead of saying “home”.  Blueberry’s staff was at his bedside with us during his passing, supporting us as well as Dad.  They even made the effort to attend Dad’s memorial service.  We feel very blessed to have found Blueberry Gardens when Dad was in need. ~ Stelma (wife),and kids: Virginia, Marla, Chuck, Frank

Blueberry Gardens has been a Godsend to my mother and stepfather. Every time I see my step dad, he always thanks me for finding Blueberry Gardens and tells me that he loves living here. When my mother first arrived at Blueberry Gardens, she was about 85 pounds and in extremely poor health. Jennifer and Pat gave her a warm welcome and took wonderful care of her. Jennifer was able to help my mother gain weight in a healthy way and she worked closely with doctors to create a medication plan that worked for my mother. This was no small feat - my mother had been in pain for a number of years. Now, she is at a healthy weight and she is pain free. I am ever thankful that my parents are so well taken care of at Blueberry Gardens! ~ Elisabeth O'Brien

While my dad struggles with dementia, the staff at Blueberry Gardens are compassionate and effective in tending to his needs. They have shown the same compassion with our family and are always welcoming when we visit. I can't imagine a better place for my dad to receive the care he needs. ~ Amie Fahey

It is an honor and pleasure to write a testimonial about the exceptional care my mom received as well as our entire family as we went through the emotional ups and downs of mom's stay at Blueberry Gardens. The decision to place mom was not an easy one to come to, but after visiting the home and talking with Jennifer and Pat, we knew it was the right choice and definitely the right place. They have created a beautiful home setting that is as close as you can possibly get to actually feeling like you are home. That is only the first step, however. Once there, the kindness, compassion, caring, quality medical care and incredible patience the owners and every single staff member showed us was overwhelmingly wonderful. It was an extremely trying time as mom did not handle the transition well in her stage of dementia, but we could not have asked for a better place with kinder and gentler care than she received at Blueberry. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Blueberry to anyone searching for that special place for a loved one where you can trust you will get top quality care. ~ Tami Smith

My father and stepmother were Blueberry Garden's first residents. From their first day, all their adult children (all nine of us) knew how fortunate we were to have found a caring residence that could manage our folks' disparate needs. For example, my father needed assistance due to mobility issues while my stepmother needed skilled nursing care. Before we found Blueberry Gardens, their care was mismanaged and often neglected using private care as well as using a well regarded assisted living center. Finding Blueberry Gardens was such a relief. Our parents' needs are now met physically, medically and best of all emotionally because the Blueberry Gardens staff show sincere affection for their residents. They also know their residents well enough to notice if someone seems depressed, in pain, or is eating less. And they always alert family members to these changes, too. I can come by unannounced any time and the staff are busy providing care, taking care of the home, fixing a gourmet meal, or tenderly providing one on one time with a resident. Residents' family members are always welcome, too. I personally enjoy the seasonal family dinner get togethers. Blueberry Gardens is so much more than an adult family home. It really is a home. ~ Barbara Nordin