Week 3

Note: Numbers after menu items correspond to recipes in the BBG cookbook


LUNCH Tuna melt (79) – Minnesota potato Salad (80) **start early

DINNER Sloppy Joes with wings (Turkey burger sloppy joes) (81) Cabbage and Carrot Coleslaw (82)
Homemade cheesy Nachos (83)


LUNCH Cheddar Chicken Soup (84) with toast and fruit

DINNER Pork Piccata (85) Orzo with spinach, pine nuts and parmesan (86)
Ambrosia Salad (12) Sesame green Beans (87)

**Note – Noc shift, please make “Apple Crisp ” during shift for Friday nights dessert** (51)


LUNCH Toasted ham and Cheese sandwich (88) serve with chips and fruit or vegetable garnish
**DINNER Slow Cooker Beef stew (89) **START EARLY - needs to cook all day!
Yorkshire pudding rolls (90) Ceasar Salad (21)
**Note – Noc shift, please make “Breakfast apple muffins” recipe between 5 and 7am. Am shift will bake (91)


LUNCH Chicken Salad with Grapes and Pecans w/crackers (92) and fruit & yogurt smoothies

DINNER Red Beans and Rice with sausage (93) Natchez corn bread (94) White rice in rice cooker (54)
Sweet and sour braised Cabbage (95) ** Start early


LUNCH Berry Blue Cheese Spread (96) with crackers or toast and fruit or vegetable slices or side salad

**DINNER Favorite Meatloaf (97), Mashed Potatoes (98)
Roasted Carrots (99) Spinach salad with bacon, egg and mushrooms (123)


LUNCH ** 7am, start bread in breadmaker! ( 30) Homemade soup, Serve with Homemade bread and butter

DINNER Pork Tenderloin with apple Chutney (100) Blueberry Scones (101)
Creamed peas and new potatoes (102) Mixed green salad


LUNCH Chicken Croquettes – (103) and fruit or sliced veggie sticks and chips or tator tots

DINNER Caribbean seafood stew (109), Cheddar biscuits (41)
White rice (54) Stir fry spinach with garlic (105)