Week 8

Note: Numbers following menu items correspond to recipes in BBG cookbook


LUNCH ***7am - Start homemade bread for lunch*** (30) to serve spread with butter for lunch
Lunch today is “chefs choice”

DINNER Pan Fried Salmon (195) serve with White rice (54)
Grape salad (62) and Thin slice 2 or three sweet red or yellow peppers and serve with ranch dip

**NOC shift, please make “ Blueberry Muffins ” for tomorrows breakfast. AM shift will bake (124)


LUNCH Taco salad bowls (111) serve with tortilla chips

DINNER Juicy Stroganoff Burgers (196) Twice baked potato (48)
Ceasar salad (21) and roasted carrots (99)

** Eve shift, make sure whole chicken for tomorrows dinner Is fully defrosted, has to start cooking in AM tomorrow


LUNCH Toasted ham and cheese sandwich, (88) serve with leftover salad or side dish and chips

**DINNER ** Start early - Slow cooker chicken (31) Broccoli cauliflower and cheese casserole (197)
Cheddar biscuits (41) and Cranberry Spinach salad (48 or 198)

**NOC shift, please make “Pecan sour cream coffee cake” during shift for Saturday mornings breakfast (119)


LUNCH ***Start homemade bread first thing in AM (30) ** start at 7am
Pesto bean soup (199) serve with slices or buttered fresh warm bread

DINNER ** slow cooker pork chops (Start by 9am) (177) White rice (54) coleslaw (54)
Country green beans (44)


LUNCH Caprese sandwhich, (52) serve with fresh fruit slices etc….

**DINNER Shrimp Scampi (150) Orzo with spinach, pine nuts and parmesan cheese (86)
Pea salad (118) Mashed broccoli and cauliflower with cream (200)

****Noc Shift, please make “ Banana crumb muffins ” between 5 and 7 am (201)


LUNCH ** Start homemade bread in breadmaker at 7am, (30) to serve with homemade soup

DINNER Salmon teriyaki (202) Baby potatoes with mashed peas and mint (203)
Cheesy onion focaccia bread (23) Garlic broccoli salad (122)


LUNCH Homemade Pancit (129) with fresh fruit slices

DINNER Caramelized Chicken thighs. (53) Serve with Mashed potatoes (98)
Spinach salad with pine nut dressing (115) maple glazed carrots (50))

**Note – Noc shift, please make “ Blueberry French toast ” recipe between 5 and 7am. Am shift will bake (29)